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Sunday, December 06, 2015


What does it say about Jeb Bush that his main money man prefers Hillary over the leading Republican candidate?

One thing it tells me is that some very important people supporting Jeb are not Republicans, certainly not people of the Right.  Say what you will about Trump, he’s loud, he’s crude and rude.  But he’s light years to the right of Hillary.  In fact the territory to the right of Hillary includes both moderate middle, working class Americans and the Conservative Right.   

I can understand some Republicans disliking Trump; in fact most of the nominal Republican scribes and talking heads don’t like Trump.  

Some think he’s a stalking horse for Hillary.  Others oppose him because they believe he’s doomed to lose the general election if he becomes the Republican nominee.  Still others believe he’s not a True Blue conservative.   For all of those reasons, some people who likely vote for a Republican would may sit out this election.  That’s what happened in 2012 when lots of nominal Republicans couldn’t vote for Romney.  

But I don’t think that they voted for Obama.  Which is why Jeb’s billionaire money man’s announcement that he would vote for Hillary was such a revelation.   It shows that Jeb, the standard bearer for the Republican establishment, really represents the Ruling Class.  For the Ruling Class, ideology is a dirty word; power and access to power is what elections are about.  It’s another reason to make sure that Jeb is not the Republican nominee.

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