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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Bu Norman mentions things not in the news.

That awful deal with the Iranian government regarding its nuclear weapons program has largely gone unmentioned since President Barack Obama announced it was done, even though that’s not the end of the story. ... even the United Nations admits that Iran’s recent inter-continental ballistic missile test violated any understanding of agreement ...
Obamacare is just as bad as ever, too, although that’s no longer news. By now the public knows that it won’t be getting an average $2,500 a year savings and won’t be able to keep its plans or doctors and that all the other promises that were made won’t be kept ...
Most of those Republican candidates also go unmentioned, of course, and judging by all the “Bernie” bumper stickers we’re seeing we think there’s more going in in the Democratic race than you’d know from reading the news.

In some cases the silence is becoming deafening.

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