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Sunday, December 27, 2015


"Youths" riot at Kentucky mall.

Chain-reaction brawls involving up to 2,000 people erupted in one of Kentucky's largest malls Saturday night, forcing the entire mall and businesses in the surrounding area to shut down, police said.

The hours-long chaos at Mall St. Matthews began about 7 p.m. ET when the six St. Matthews police officers assigned to the mall for the holiday season began responding to "disturbances," said Officer Dennis McDonald, a police spokesman...

About 8 p.m., authorities started to advise stores in the mall to close their doors, but those involved in the brawls were refusing to leave. "Businesses were in the process of closing their doors, steel grates, and you had juveniles that were not allowing businesses to close up — [they were] climbing on the grates," McDonald said.

"This was a riot," McDonald added. "It was crazy."

No one arrested.  Police restrained.  Wanna take any bets on the identity of the "Yoots."

St. Matthews, a suburb of about 18,000 people outside of Louisville, is a normally quiet city that sees no more than two murders a year, McDonald said. "I've been a police officer 33 years, and I haven't ever seen anything like this before," he said. "We always plan for worst-case scenario, but this exceeded that."

Soft target.


The cops stand back and watch as the nations children wreak their havoc on store keepers without consequence. Is it because of their youth or because of their color?. And they wonder why people buy guns.
This latest rampage involved between 1,000 and 2,000 black thugs who appear to be using Twitter, Facebook and/or other social media platforms to gather in numbers that can easily overwhelm not only the mall cops but also the on-duty town cops, city cops the county cops, and the state cops that are actually working when the "fun" starts.

This is Fourth Generation Warfare which only succeeds in a failed state. That is what Americans are facing and none of it is by accident.
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