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Saturday, December 12, 2015



H.J. Fountain
The mainstream media’s panties are on fire because Donald Trump suggested that perhaps we should put a moratorium on immigration from countries known to harbor radical Islamic terrorists. They (the press) are very angry at Trump, and (not astonishingly) not so mad about radical Islamic terrorism. It’s amazing.

I feel as though I’m a prison guard sitting outside the cell of an imprisoned America. I’m on Suicide Watch—and I’m watching as the country declines into complete ethnomasochism. We wanna die. It’s clear. I’m looking at America as we wrap the Red, White, and Blue around our necks and swing lifelessly—crudely carved into the wood ceiling: George Washington was here.

One week ago, two jihadists shot up a Christmas party, and less than a week later, we are all discussing the social implications of racism, prejudice, and Islamophobia. It’s embarrassing.

The Left is winning this battle, because we can’t talk about religion, we can’t talk about ideology; we can’t talk about anything without being called racists. I wonder why this terrorist chick had a baby. It’s entirely possible that she had the child to further hide—maybe to blend in, and to seem normal. I guess that’s just as goddamn American as eating apple pie these days.

Imagine if that’s true: A woman would carry a child to term, birth it, and care for it, right up until (on a whim) she decided to give it to grandma so she could go murder a bunch of infidels. That is extremely disturbing, and it looks more and more to be NOT true.

It seems as though this devout Jazeera decided long ago to be an agent of Allah. In all likelihood, this baby was a distraction and a prop just so she could do her jihad. She came here to kill. She got married to kill. She got pregnant to kill.

It’s now extreme and un-American to worry about this. Donald Trump may say things that are not eloquent, and that are perhaps crazy, but the rest of the press are still standing around, scratching their heads and wondering, “Could the San Bernardino suspects have been radicalized?”

The press isn’t that stupid. They know the answer and they’re all lying. The problem is that the answer is precisely not the one they’re searching for. The answer is that this is not a one-off event with nothing to do with an Islamic Supremacy. That is a fantasy narrative constructed by the Left and CAIR. No one is buying it.

Tashfeen Malik came here, shrouded in her black burqa, and determined to inflict her jihad on the American infidel public. I don’t care what Trump or CNN says. I don’t care what anyone says. “Were they radicalized?” asks the media. Umm, I’m not sure; I’ll get back to you after I mop up all the blood…

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