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Friday, December 18, 2015


Great News! Freedom-Hating Lesbianic Socialist Harpies From The UN Still Hate America

Image: HuffPost

The three horsewomen of the feminist apocalypse say they were mystified as to why women seem to like America. So let me spell it out for them. America is still the land of opportunity for women and men from all nations. Any Polish and Costa Rican woman would gladly come to America for a better life, and, although it pains me to say it, I suspect English women will not be far behind.

Because third-wave feminism believes that all gifts must flow from state coffers, it cannot appreciate why brave, hard-working female doctors, entrepreneurs and others might want to come to a place that will reward the value they contribute to the economy.

They’d rather America was like Sweden, where they say all the right things about feminism, even if uncontrolled immigration and lies about crime have made Malmö the rape capital of Europe, as hordes of Muslim migrants rape Swedish girls with impunity. Just as long as every child gets a free “MEN SUCK!” leaflet from the government.

I understand the Grand Grievance Tour continues, and these three stunning and brave specimens are now off to speak to Obama’s people about what a terrible place America is. (Obama no doubt agrees.) So for now we’ll have to warm ourselves with anticipation at the publication of their full report in June 2016 — just in time for liberal politicians to shove the dodgy stats, special pleading and professional victimhood down the necks of so-called “low-information voters.”

Anyway, as I say, well done America. If the UN hates you, you’re on the right track.

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