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Thursday, December 03, 2015


What we know about Jihad in America and what can we do

Let's see what we know for sure.  Armed shooters enter crowded facility and kill or wound over 30 people.  Wear masks to hide identity.  Tip results in chase of suspects.  Gunfire erupts between suspects and police, two suspects killed.  Suspects identified as having Arab names.

From this we can infer: Armed Arabs enter soft target and commit mass murder. 

Isn't this what people have been expecting if Jihad comes to America?  The only difference between this event and the feared scenario is that the "soft target" is usually assumed to be a shopping mall.

The Left's policy prescription to this is to take away everyone's guns except the police.   The Right's is to restrict the importation of more Arabs and to come up with a plan to identify individuals who are potential home grown Jihads.

Which prescription you think is apt to reduce more acts of this type is going to be based on your ideology.


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