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Friday, April 05, 2019


Christian Science Monitor tries to put lipstick on SPLC pig.

It's now obvious to everyone the SPLC is in trouble after firing both its founder and president.  So it's admirers are in damage control mode: admit there are a few problems and salvage the carcass.

He found his philosophical home at the archconservative John Birch Society, which is undergoing a renaissance in the Trump era.
Question, is the John Birch Society a thing now and is Trump the cause?

Even as the SPLC, based in Montgomery, Alabama, has become a heavy-hitting counterweight against rising white nationalism in the U.S., it is in the midst of its own reckoning.
Question: is white nationalism a rising tide? Is there a "rising tide" of other groups bound by, say, Marxism, Black Nationalism, Socialism, Feminism, LBGTQism, etc.ism?

And critics have blamed the SPLC’s labeling as extremists mainstream figures like author Charles Murray – who posited in the “Bell Curve” the widely debunked theory that there may be genetic differences between the races – as contributing to hostility toward free speech on college campuses.
From what perspective is Charles Murray an extremist? Is there a difference between races based on genetics and when was it debunked?
Painting Americans like Mr. Buckles and Mr. Mulch as nationalist revolutionaries underscores the lack of a hard definition of extremism, complicated by the difficulty of a majority-white nation to address a surge of white nationalism, argues Mr. Berger, author of “Jihad Joe,” in an email.
If you see white nationalists under every bed, you are a conspiracy theorist who believes that the SPLC basically does good work and needs to be rescued from a few bad apples.

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