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Saturday, April 20, 2019


Stolen Archives Show the True History of Russia Collusion

Numerous examples are provided in a soon to be released book, Judgment in Moscow, by the heroic Soviet dissident, Vladimir Bukovsky. He makes use of extensive first hand documents that he personally stole from Russia's Central Committee (C.C.) archives, which have never before been accessible to Americans.

The media must be tripping over themselves to see what Bukovsky reveals...right?

Well, not so much. Because the C.C. documents demonstrate, irrefutably, that the American Establishment was the one willingly and repeatedly colluding with Russia — an inconvenient fact.

Random House wanted Bukovsky to change the book to make it appear that collusion was not taking place.
For instance, to cite just one of the many examples, there was collusion between America's ABC and Russia's C.C....Here is another example Bukovsky shares: a secret C.C. document from 1979, detailing secret collusion between President Carter and Russia through cutouts to boost Carter's popularity, advance highly questionable political objectives, and trick Americans into liking communist Russia...

This documented collusion between Carter and Russia is worse than anything Trump is even accused of. Carter secretly colluded with Russia to limit America's nuclear weapons!


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