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Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Virginia's Northam cancels fundraiser appearance as protesters gathered


The sympathetic press is happy to forget, but maybe not everyone feels the same way.

Northam's scheduled appearance drew about 60 people from the NAACP and another 30 from the state's Republican Party, with the two groups assembling on either side of an asphalt walkway on a muggy and gray afternoon. Both groups took Northam to task for his admission to wearing blackface, but Republicans also protested his pro-abortion rights stance....Republicans have seized on comments he made during a January radio interview about a bill that would have reduced restrictions on late-term abortions, arguing that he suggested killing live babies. Northam has called the notion that he had endorsed infanticide "disgusting," but he has refused to clarify his comments. Abortion dominated many of the signs Sunday.

Note the lie in this paper's story. Northam specifically said that after a baby is born, it should be made comfortable until the doctor and mother decided what to do with it. That advocates killing a live baby in a post-birth abortion.  Period. Full stop.

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