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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

British Pie

Tommy Pie - sing-along, it' s much better that way ( trust me I was a Camp Counsellor:)

Long long time ago I remember how that Justice used to make me smile
and I knew that I had a chance, that if I risked a rapist's glance
that I might make the victims happy for a while
But every day did make me shiver, with every summons they delivered
bad news on the doorstep, but I must take one more step
I do remember that I cried, with the threats made to my bride, and something broke deep down inside, the Day that Justice died.
" So bye-bye' Tommy showed its a lie,
drove the People to the Bailey who then had to fly
and Good Ole Judges were drinking scotch at the Club, singin':
This day we sent Tommy to die, this day we sent him to die"
Did you write the Books of law, based on faith and God above? Or as Magna Carta tells you so?
Do believe in crocks and trolls, or just letting truth save your immortal soul? And can you tell me how to avoid a knife, real slow?
Well, I know the elite are not in love with him, watching with their evil grin,
they all kicked off on Fake News, with weird digs at the Jews
, Tommy with a well-cut suit, and an awesome widescreen truck, but we all knew he was out of luck,
the Day that Justice died.
(Chorus) Yeah, sing it again with your family!
Now for six years Tommy's been on his own, after making sure no stones were thrown, but peace was not allowed to be.
The Attorney sang for May and team, with a case made of those unicorn memes and a voice last heard in Nazi dreams, no voice allowed from you and me.
And while the Queen was off around, the despots stole her honored crown, the Courtroom then adjourned, a horrendous verdict just returned.
While Corbyn read a book on Marx, a quartet were stabbed in the park, we were shadow banned in the dark - the Day that Justice Died.

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