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Thursday, July 04, 2019

The Genius of Trump, the Madness of the Libs

An entire major political party has lost it's collective mind.
Readers may recall some years back when John posted an item that began “George W. Bush is a political genius,” and naturally readers with an irony-poor diet (there are vitamins for this!) took him literally. So when I suggest that Trump is a political genius, I run the same risk. Especially since you don’t really need to be a genius to exploit the growing madness of the American left. The scene prompts me to paraphrase an old Will Rogers joke: It’s no trouble at all getting re-elected in 2020 when you have the whole Democratic Party (and its media adjuncts) working for you!

But you do have to credit Trump with having an instinct for the small touch that will make liberals certifiably insane. Like having a few tanks shipped in for display in Washington on July 4. The left is certain—certain!—that this is a precursor to a declaration of martial law. Lawrence Tribe, once a respected Harvard Law professor before dementia took hold, tweeted:

Canadian writer/provocateur Gad Saad to offer up this brilliant bit of video satire:

Michael Eric Dyson to say on MSNBC that the Betsy Ross flag should be compared to a swastika:

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