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Monday, July 29, 2019

Now We Only Have 14-18 Months, Not 12 Years, to Save the Planet

The end of the world is only seconds away, say Liberals.
Here's a familiar action-movie trope: The protagonist has to defuse a time bomb as it's ticking down the seconds to detonation, with just minutes left. BEEP-BEEP-BEEP! He finds the right wire to cut. The sweat drips down his face, the music swells dramatically, and... he snips it! Whew. Except that instead of defusing the bomb, he's just set the clock forward so now he only has seconds left.

That's what just happened to the environment, apparently. We thought we had a whole 12 years left to do something before we all die from globalclimatewarmingchange, but apparently that wasn't scary enough. The clock just got moved way, way up.

That means November 3, 2020 — the U.S. presidential election — is the deadline for Americans who do not want to destroy the health and well-being of current generations, their children, and future generations.

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