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Monday, July 01, 2019

Living In an Age of Hate

Advocacy of incivility and violence isn’t coming only from the zany far left. It finds a home in formerly respectable news outlets, like the Washington Post and the New York Times, as well as among Democratic Party office-holders.

Democrats obviously think that the “new rules” will never apply to them. Why is that? Evidently, they believe–correctly–that we conservatives are better people than they are. But our patience is not infinite.

The Washington Post published an article by Stephanie Wilkinson, a restaurant owner who became famous in June of last year when she refused to serve White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders and told Sanders and her family to leave the restaurant. Wilkinson’s staff then followed the Sanders group in protest as they tried to find another place to eat.

In her new article, Wilkinson discussed the case of The Aviary, a trendy bar in Chicago where a waitress recently spat on Eric Trump, the president’s son. Wilkinson wrote that the incident, along with her own decision to oust Sanders, shows that in the age of Trump “new rules apply” in public accommodations: Americans who work for the administration or support the president should stay away.

Meanwhile, Christian cake bakers have to serve everyone but liberal cafe owners can pick and choose who they will serve?

The NY Times publishes an article by Professor Cronin-Furman describing the actions by employees of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, comparing their actions to the Holocaust and genocides in Cambodia and Rwanda.

These comparisons are so idiotic as not to require refutation. But the New York Times publishes them; not because they are remotely plausible, but because the Times doesn’t care.  The Times exists solely to launch one hysterical attack after another against President Trump on behalf of the Democratic Party.. 

Meanwhile, their Brown Shirt cadres take to the streets to beat up the opposition, as Antifa did to a Conservative reporter in Seattle, sending him to the hospital.

The Democratic Party has abandoned all norms of civility and constitutional government. Somehow, though, liberals believe they are immune from having to live by their own “new rules.” They sow the wind but think they never will reap the whirlwind. Why?

Liberals act as though they are spoiling for a civil war or at least a slow-motion approximation thereof. Is that really what they want? Fighting in the streets? And, evidently, the restaurants? Do they have reason to think they would fare well if they actually got what they claim to want?

We conservatives are, of course, morally superior to leftists, and far more pacific, as they believe. But, as I said, our patience is not infinite. There are many places in America where, unlike Portland, fascists would meet with a strong reaction if they tried to beat up bystanders on the street, burn down buildings, and smash store windows. The New York Times, the Washington Post, and their Democratic Party seem entirely oblivious to this fact.

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