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Saturday, July 06, 2019

University of Michigan Professor: #MeToo Wouldn’t Have Happened if Hillary Clinton Won

And she's right!

The press would still be covering up for the Democrat rapists in and out of the White House.

MacKinnon may actually have a point in claiming that the #MeToo movement never would have existed if Hillary Clinton had been elected president, given that feminists today appear to engage in selective outrage, and would likely have little to no interest in creating a movement seemingly against sexual assault unless it served a leftist political agenda.

Modern-day feminists, for example, did not even appear to consider creating a #MeToo movement in response to Hillary Clinton, who has faced multiple allegations of enabling her husband Bill Clinton’s sexual assaults.

In fact, when MacKinnon did mention sexual harassment claims against Bill Clinton, she referred to them as “a morality crusade,” and suggested that many people were concerned with the “right use” of the allegations made against the former president “for political gain.”

“Claims of sexual harassment — by President Bill Clinton had previously identified the issue of sexual harassment for many people with the right use of it for political gain. That is, it made it into a morality crusade rather than a matter of coercion and exploitation,” said the law professor, who added that President Trump has changed the way in which people view reports of sexual assault.

There are so many things that we would never have learned if Hillary had been elected President incuding the use of the FBI, CIA and DOJ to spy on a Republican Preidential campaign.  

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