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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Serious Question about Robert Mueller

Ace of Spades

Think about the idiots who have been selling you on Robert Meuller's unquestionable integrity and character for the past three years.

Ask yourself:

How many of these mediocrities, poseurs, and middle-management types has so much as met the man?

How many have done more than met him -- like, actually known him in more than a rope-line shake-and-smile?

How many have read a book about him or largely about him?

How many know him well -- either as a friend or, better yet, work colleague?

I'd say almost none of them. With an exception here or there, like Andy McCarthy.

And yet they all vouched for him because they heard from other unaccomplished nobodies that he was a Solid Man, and those unaccomplished nobodies in turn heard it from yet other unaccomplished nobodies.

So here are all these unaccomplished nobodies repeating shit they heard from other unaccomplished nobodies in a gigantic pseudo-intellectual circle jerk in which no one ever questions "Why do we place all of our faith in this one man that not a one of us has so much as even met?"

Great questions.

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