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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mark Steyn on "Wokeness at Warp Speed"

A few months ago I observed to Tucker Carlson that the difference between "Bush Derangement Syndrome" and "Trump Derangement Syndrome" was that the former was largely contained to a visceral loathing for the President himself, whereas the latter has been extended to anyone who voted for him - ie, the half of the electorate comprised of "racists", "fascists" and "white supremacists". Now TDS rampages on, to consume half the Democrats, too...
Like Nancy Pelosi and Slow Joe Biden

Let us take it as read that Trump is racist, and every Republican legislator is racist, and every Republican voter is racist. That's still not enough. Insufficiently Woke Democrats have to be racist, too:

Ocasio-Cortez Implies Pelosi Is Racist for Singling Out 'Newly Elected Women Of Color'

Speaker Pelosi has hosted meetings of "dreamers" where she thanked their parents for bringing them to the United States, because they're better than us, they're better than you. But you can cheer mass invasion and demographic replacement and still come up short, you racist. So it turns out even the vice-president to the first black president is likewise a racist:

Joe Biden's Racial Dog Whistle

In the 2012 election, a cocksure Biden assured a black audience that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were "gonna put y'all back in chains". That's how easy it was back then. He dozes off for twenty minutes and wakes up to find he's Simon Legree.
Today the Virginian Pilot published an editorial cartoon calling America racist and referred to Donald Trump's tweets where he tells some of Democrats who continually criticize America that they may want to first fix the cultures they left.  They were labeled "incendiary."

So I did a search of the Virginian Pilot archives finding dozens of references to Trump as a Nazi, a fascist, Hitler or as a racist.  The Virginian Pilot never once called those vile slurs "incendiary."   Is it any wonder that unhinged, violent radicals like Willem Van Spronsen are encouraged to shoot up an ICE facility in Tacoma, Washington?  The press encourages him and people like him.  They hold his coat and have his back.

But I digress.  Back to Steyn:

As I said a couple of years back, when everybody's Hitler nobody's Hitler. And, indeed, when nobody's Hitler everybody's Hitler. Conservatives such as yours truly are inured to what passes for "debate" in America: if I critique AOC's Green New Deal and its plans to eliminate bovine flatulence, it's because I'm racist. It's not a difference over public policy, it's simply my bigotry. This strategy of labeling rather than debating has proved so effective that Republicans have given up talking about almost anything that matters - see, e.g., immigration until Trump entered the primaries four years ago. But, precisely because labeling has proved so effective for so long, it would be preposterous to expect the labelers to confine its use only to Republicans. Especially when labeling is all they know how to do.

And so the Wokestapo (as Laura Rosen Cohen calls them) knock on the door, and Nancy Pelosi finds herself as reviled as old-time segregationists like, er, Mitt Romney. From USA Today:

No, the real issue here is what we academics call 'intersectionality' — the combined impact of racism, sexism and other types of discrimination on people and groups. In practice, it means that white women in power often take on the same characteristics of white men in power toward women of color.

So the Speaker of the House, quite without meaning to, has turned into Nancy Trumposi.

It was inevitable.  It's not possible to be Woke enough.

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