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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Bernie Goldberg Meets Jason Whitlock…Finally

If you think you've got it bad, try being an outspoken Black conservative.   

 Bernie Goldberg: Once upon a time, sports was a place that we went to get away from the daily barrage of politics and a lot of other stuff we don’t like. Not anymore. Is that a fair assessment?

Jason Whitlock: Yeah, I think one upon a time, sports was second to religion in bringing people of diverse backgrounds together. And so, I think, other than religion, nothing promoted unity more than sports in America.

Bernie: What happened?

Jason: I think that the adversaries of America realized the power of sports to bring people together and started investing in turning sports into something polarizing that didn’t bring us together.

“Blackness has been turned into a political ideology.”

And so, they have to hop on board with what Colin Kaepernick is promoting or what LeBron James is promoting, because the social-media machines—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram—will brand you as “racist” if you don’t get on board. If you don’t think George Floyd is akin to Martin Luther King, you could be branded as racist. And people are in fear of that; and so everybody’s truth is being compromised; and everybody’s hopping on board with the propaganda that’s being promoted; and sports have become highly politicized.

And so, people are just being bullied into supporting this anti-American sentiment and promoting the idea that America is the land of unchecked, racial bigotry.

Bernie: For fear, you believe, of being called a racist?

Jason: Or, if you’re black, they’ll call you a sell out and Uncle Tom.

Read the whole thing. 

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