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Sunday, October 22, 2006


The Sunday Virginian Pilot Editorial Page

A quick summary:

An article by Margaret Edds headlines: “Voters can’t stop gay pride, progress.” Translation: The people of Virginia should not be allowed to define the meaning of marriage. These are the sort of things that should be left to the wisdom of editorial writers and Liberal judges. Message to the people: SHUT UP!

An article by Mark Pinsky headlined: “Meet the new “kinder, gentler” evangelicals.” Pensky is the religion writer for the Orlando (FL) Sentinel and author of “A Jew Among the Evangelicals: A Guide for the Perplexed.” Enough said.

The main article is about the US hitting the 300 million mark in population. The headline: “Where did all the people come from?” The answer appears to be better medicine, immigration, and enough food to eat. WOW! Stop the presses! This article was NOT written by a junior high school student assigned a 500 word essay. It was penned by Rowland Nethaway who is senior editor of the Waco (TX) Tribune Herald. We question who held the gun to Dennis Hartig’s (Pilot Editorial Page editor) head to force him to carry this piece of drivel. OTOH, we suspect he did it of his own free will. It’s typical.

The letters to the editor were unusual. Instead of the typical 10 to 1 slant against Senator George Allen and Representative Thelma Drake, the letters were fairly even.

Bob Herbert took a day off from bashing Bush to writing about prostitution in Atlanta.

Martin Schmidt is upset that food is too cheap and wants drive-through restaurant food taxed heavily.

And David Brooks pens a plea for Barak Obama to run for President.

This saves you a whole lot of time and trouble that you could use much more productively elsewhere.

Don’t thank me, it was my duty.

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