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Wednesday, October 25, 2006


The Virginia Marriage Initiative

The New Jersey Supreme Court has instructed the NJ Legislature to write a law requiring the marriage of gays – but maybe they won’t have to call it marriage. It just has to be marriage in everything but name.

The opponents of the Virginia ballot initiative on marriage have sworn it can’t happen here and … by the way, it should happen here. This position is incoherent, but that has never stopped the Left.

From The Corner:

House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (Mo.) today issued the following statement expressing outrage at the New Jersey Supreme Court's decision to order the state to recognize same-sex marriage or its equivalent, taking the definition of marriage out of the hands of New Jersey voters...


New Jersey ruling proves the necessity of things like the VA Marriage Initiative..

And it shows the Republicans right and the Democrats wrong on the issue of who is best to nominate judges.

America wants judges who are umpires, like John Roberts, not advocates; we dont want social engineers making 'landmark' decisions that rob the people of the democratic right to make this decisions in calibrated ways.

A ruling like this reminds us that Roberts and Alito are GOOD JUDGES compared with some of the flakes that up there, especially this McGreevey appointee. It's 'the ends justify the means' attitude that is frankly repugnant.

There is nothing in actual law that justifies the judicial ruling, it's another example of 'conclusion first, justification second' activism.

Protecting traditional marriage as it has been defined in law for centuries is something most Americans agree with. And few Americans want an imperial judiciary.
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Judges have become legislators-for-life. This must end, one way or another.
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