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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Leftist and Democrats Threaten Michelle Malkin With Death for Reporting on their Sham

A cretin known as Chuck Adkins had this to say:
Going to someone’s house and place of employment is going over the line, and I’ll tell you this, she’s going to do that one day to the wrong person, and she’s going to end up getting the tar beat out of her, or possibly worse, in a body bag. Some people don’t like being messed with like that and some, like one’s I know, like the one’s in Southwest Detroit, Wouldn’t think twice about droppin’ a 9MM slug into someone, who they thought was messing with them. She should be a bit more mindful of that. I mean, I know that’s MD (read: Whitey Tighty City) up there and all, But that stuff is dangerous and could get you killed in the wrong part of town.

[NOTE: he has since pulled the post but I captured part of it. It included Malkins' phone number, home address and a picture of her house.]

This is because Michelle Malkin decided to do some investigative reporting and check out the neighborhood where the Frost Family lives to see if they were so poverty stricken that they could not afford health insurance.

Dan Collins comments.
Christy Hardin Smith of FDL deplores the evil stalker (otherwise known as reporter) Michelle Malkin for looking into the Frost family’s situation...Of course, this has got to be more intrusive than the reporter sticking his microphone into the newly bereaved’s face and asking how she feels.

Meanwhile, The American Populist is publishing Malkin’s home address, telephone number and an aerial shot of her home, because goodness knows nobody who reads that could possibly be a more unhinged danger than Malkin herself.

The Dread Pundit Bluto has more on Chuck Adkins.

Upset that Michelle Malkin would actually practice journalism concerning Democrat propaganda tools the Frost family, lefty psycho Chuck Adkins has posted her address, phone number, and an aerial view of her house (just in case his fellow troglodytes have trouble finding it). My guess is that Michelle won't be intimidated.

But guess what? Adkins' personal information is available from ZabaSearch with a little digging.

Here's a screen capture of Adkins post via

Here is Chuck Adkins explanation. He also seems to be a racist. Many of the people who hate Michelle Malkin make it a point to emphasize her Filipino heritage and make obscene sexual references, the nicest of which translate into calling her a Filipino whore. It goes downhill from there. Adkins, emphasizing her maiden name evidently wants to make the association with out spelling it out. Otherwise, why do it? Eh Chuckie?

UPDATE: Bruce Kesler find out he qualifies for SCHIP. Click here.

Thus, even though having substantial liquid assets, saved through a lifetime of scrimping in order to fund retirement, I would qualify for California’s Healthy Families SCHIP program. Assets and unearned income (e.g., Social Security, capital gains, ordinary dividends) do not count against SCHIP qualification.

We live in one of the highest cost areas of the U.S., San Diego, owning a modest house in a middle-class neighborhood, with substantial equity. We drive two old, almost 100,000-mile cars, paid off. We can’t afford baby-sitters in order to go out, so we don’t, and we eat out once a week at a fast-food restaurant. Pasta is a staple on our table. We don’t have a cell phone or broadband, saving about $100 a month on those common conveniences. We do not have pensions.

This is a real question: should we buy Bruce Kesler's health insurance? Is that our moral obligation? If so, what would it cost us?


markg8 said...

President Bush encouraged 9 states to cover not only kids but their poor parents too under SCHIP when Republicans controlled congress. Now he's cynically playing politics trying to look fiscally "responsible" by scuttling the whole program. That won't happen but it will cost Illinois alone an extra $75 million to push these adults into Medicaid, by far a more expensive program to both Illinois and federal taxpayers than SCHIP.

That makes no financial sense at all. Hopefully it will make no political sense either when the American people kick the Republican party to the curb next year.

Moneyrunner said...


I'm sorry you're tryin to lie about Bush's objectives. He is willing to expand it. But the Democrats wish it to cover people like the Frosts and those who are making twice the Frosts income. Those who can afford their own insurance but choose to spend their money in other ways.

I am one of a large number of people who believe that others do not have an unlimited right to my money simply by claiming that what they want is their "right."

I don't want to see anyone kicked to the curb, even my political opponents, and I'm sorry that people with your attitude have chosen to post on my website. But it's an object lesson to others to view the mean-spirited attitude of the Left.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for rounding this up. I often have a discussion with my lefty professor about who is more dangerous. You just don't see this stuff coming out of the right wing of the blogosphere.

Moneyrunner said...


You will find that the Left uses the “moral equivalency” argument all the time. When the Soviet Union was oppressing its people, the Left accused the West of being as morally corrupt as the Soviets. In fact, when Pol Pot was killing millions in Cambodia we had people in the US – college professors and columnists - who blamed the American government for this. It was said that our bombing drove them to killing millions of their own people.

I am tempted to say that it’s a mental condition but I’m really not sure. Just, for your own sake, please don’t fall into this trap. Maintain your own moral standards and don’t be persuaded that wrong is right.

Anonymous said...

Patrick 'chuck' Adkins is not a 'lefty.' He is merely an idiot. If you spend a little time searching him, you'll find that he offends everyone, left, right and middle.

His official rant is that he's middle of the road. In fact, much of his denigrating ranting is saved for the left. In practice, he's just offensive to everyone.