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Friday, January 01, 2010

David Loves Janet

Washington Post columnist David Broder writes a love note to Janet Napolitano

Most Americans got their first prolonged look at Janet Napolitano, the secretary of homeland security, last weekend. After a passenger on a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam ignited a concealed fuse as the plane approached Detroit for a landing, apparently intending to blow it up and kill all aboard, it fell to Napolitano to take charge of the federal response.

It came as no surprise to anyone who knows her that Napolitano handled the incident and its aftermath with aplomb. In the years I have known her, she has managed every challenge that has come her way with the same calm command that she showed in this instance. If there is anyone in the administration who embodies President Obama's preference for quiet competence with "no drama," it is Janet Napolitano.

No, this is not a joke.
There is no "but..."
There is no punch line.
This is the Dean of the Washington punditocracy.

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Anonymous said...

Broder is a bumbling 80 year old fart, and he's ugly. Huge head, neck like a duck and no lips. Figure he would stick up for a diesel dyke with a boy's haircut and no neck. I doubt he wrote the column. The White House woke him up from his stupor, and told him they would use him for byline. He probably mumbled, uh, uh, ok. JN should still send him at least 2 quarts.