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Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Global Ice Age

England, winter 2009-2010.


Anonymous said...

Glaciers do not "move south": As blizzard snows accumulate, there comes a point when layers of underlying ice films do not melt. An Ice Age has landed on your head.

Over the Pleistocene Era's 1.8-million years to date, cyclical glaciations have averaged 102,000 years, interspersed with median 12,250-year remissions. Our current Holocene Interglacial Epoch began c. 14,400 years-before-present (YBP), but continental ice sheets have fully retreated only since BC 8800.

If not for the Younger Dryas, a 1,500-year post-glacial "cold shock" induced by astronomical disruptions of Sol's enveloping Oort Cloud (qv), the Holocene would probably have ended some 1,500 years ago coincident with the Fall of Rome. As it is, Earth is at least sixty years overdue for another glacial onset... and given recent "dead sun" developments, we could well be entering a 70-year Maunder Minimum sufficient to tip global temperatures below freezing for upwards of 10,000 kiloyears.

Since the Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T) boundary 65-million years ago, five geological eras have averaged some 14 - 16 million years apiece. At 1.8 million years, the Pleistocene has 12 - 14 million years to run. Since for plate tectonic reasons this era is characterized by well-defined, cyclically recurrent glaciations, it seems highly probable that the fraying Holocene presages a sustained global chill-phase with catastrophic implications.

Climate Cultists, Warmists whose sociopathic power-political agenda refuses to put local conditions in long-term context and perspective will find that their mind-numbing hubristic arrogance carries all civilization headlong to Abyss.

Andrew B said...

Glaciers start by the snow not melting the following summer.

The limits of glaciation in the ice age are generally consistent with the limits of permanent snow pack during the winters of today.

thisishabitforming said...

Talking to a friend in Florida I found out that the Polar Bears and Dolphins are doing okay together, but the Penguins are causing a problem. The Manatees are channeling AlGore to find out where they might find global warming. They may not be able to hear because their teeth are chattering.