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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Global Warming "Premeditated Fraud"

Dr. Tim Ball on Climategate - part 1

"...all the reports were cooked, falsified, manipulated..."

Dr. Tim Ball on Climategate - part 2


Anonymous said...

Death-eating Luddite sociopaths pushing power-political agendas will use any means to attain their arrogant, hubristic ends. Since 1999 at latest, anyone armed with objective, rational intelligence could watch this mess unfold, each year growing more contentious, hoked-up, a collusive, manifestly propagandistic and self-serving fraud.

Climategate (sic) represents not only "garbage in/garbage out" but perverse insiders' concerted efforts to subvert the very bases of disinterested scientific inquiry. Blacklisting opponents, deceitfully withholding data, conspiring to frustrate peer review while raking in grant-monies under false pretenses-- these are well-worn KGB disinformation and sabotage techniques.

The fact that academic, media, political elites continue to mouth their foolish and ignorant cliches means only that they have no honor, integrity, even common sense. The upside is that such painfully obvious bad faith, ludicrous clinging to self-evidently invalid, positively anti-scientific hypotheses, should shield public policy debates from hopped-up poseurs like Briffa, Hansen, Jones, Mann, Trenberth et al. for quite some time to come.

Robert of Ottawa said...

A fine piece of rhetoric, Anonym :-)

But, we must not only boldly go into rhetoric mode on the web, but harangue our political and bureaucratic masters. Write them; turn up at their offices and meetings and DEMAND investigation/cessation of this incredible fraud.

Because it's all about tax monies.

XtnYoda said...

Say... Anonymous...

Were you ever a marine corp drill instructor? Reminds me of mine!!!

Semper Fi!

and... AMEN!!!