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Thursday, March 24, 2011

American President Starts a War. Seeks UN Approval. Ignores US Congress.

Who would that President be? 

That "cowboy" George Bush?

From the LA Times: Constitutional firestorm over Libya war and Biden's past impeachment words greet returning Obama.

Joe Biden said that ...
... a president who commits U.S. troops with no imminent threat to the country or its citizens and no congressional approval should be impeached
That was then, this is now:
Presumably, now that it's his boss who's entering a vaguely defined foreign military foray with no congressional entrance permission and no exit strategy, Joe has had a change of mind.
...Obama did, however, get United Nations approval for the ongoing strikes on Libya. About which there happens to be nothing in the Constitution.

Then, again, it may have something to do with malice.

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