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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Islam and the West: What Do We Do Now?

Pajamas Media has a logically consistent essay by N.M Guariglia Addressing Islam: The Muslim Brotherhood and Democracy with the subhead:
The entire apparatus of U.S.-Muslim dialogue is controlled by our enemies.
The links between the leading lights of the "legitimate" Muslim community in the US and the Muslim Brotherhood is unmistakable and multi-faceted.   When we have discussions with CAIR, we have discussions with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Advisers to Presidents Clinton and Bush are tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.  How much closer are we to the Muslim Brotherhood under Obama?

Thousands of Americans are alive not because Islam is the religion of peace but because its adherents on Jihad are not terribly competent. Others died because we were too afraid of being accused of intolerance to stop killers like Major Nidal  before this Muslim ran amuck.
In the United States, there were terrorist attempts on Penn Station, at a military recruitment center in Arkansas, on a federal building in Illinois, against other landmarks in Manhattan, and on a Dallas skyscraper. Then there was the Christmas Day plot against Northwest Airlines Flight 253, which would have killed more than 300 people had the al-Qaeda operative been more competent; the Times Square plot, which would have been worse than the Oklahoma City bombing had the operative been more competent; and the Fort Hood massacre, which could have been avoided had we been less afraid to appear intolerant of intolerance. And all this happened in just the past year and a half. They’re here.
What is Islam and is there a "good" Islam and are the violent killers like Christians gone bad?
The truth is this: Islam is not merely a religion. Islam is a complete way of life: theological, political, social, and legal. Islamic law is the literal word of the Koran, which is supposed to be the direct word of God. It claims to be unalterable. There are no metaphors. It claims to be timeless. What was true in the seventh century is true today and cannot be reinterpreted to conform to contemporary mores. ...

The Koran is said to be progressive revelation. Should one verse instruct friendliness to non-Muslims and another instruct the murder of non-Muslims, the doctrine of abrogation is to be applied. In other words, since there can be no contradictions within the Koran — that is the book’s foundation — the most recent revelation is the one that is applicable. Unfortunately, the most recent Koranic revelations are the unfriendly ones; the homicidal ones. “Jihad” is not a yoga-like exercise for internal spiritual discovery. It is the killing of non-Muslims and the enforcement of Islamic rule throughout the world. “Peace” is not coexistence. It is Islamic dominion over the planet. “Freedom” is not individual liberty. It is submission to the supernatural.
The state of denial in which we live - even after 9/11 - must be seen as a pathological one. Guariglia says:
We ought to shut down the internal jihadist infrastructure controlling the American-Muslim community. We ought to challenge the ten-year plan of the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference to stifle freedom of speech, thought, and expression in the West. We ought to more passionately defend the superiority of democratic and liberal values — in ethics, in philosophy, and in practice. We ought to call for explanations on behalf of the Islamic world. What is it they actually believe? What actions are they willing to take on behalf of these beliefs? Rather than tell them what they want to hear, we ought to begin insisting they tell us what we want to hear.

And finally, we ought to devise a foreign policy whereby we officially oppose the inclusion of fascist theocratic movements in new democratic governments — whether Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, the Taliban in Afghanistan, or the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt — and proclaim our support for true freedom. As with Hitler’s Germany, democracies can easily be destroyed in their infancy through the tactic of “one man, one vote, one time.”

The hearings Representative King is holding is a good start and may form the basis for a frank and healthy discussion of Islam in the US.  But the "culture" in the Liberal/Left side of America is fighting on jihad's side.  The recent revelations from NPR (along with the NY Times the quintessential essence of Liberalism) put that on glorious display. 

In the meantime, Islam is on a roll.   There is something that we can learn from history that's instructive.  To go back to the regime of Adolph Hitler, we know that as long as the German armies were rolling over their enemies and successfully conquering most of Europe, most Germans, even the ones who were not members of the Nazi Party were enthusiastic supporters.  His regime even had a lot of support in nations he conquered, raising armies that fought on his side.  Once he lost, the numbers of "heroic resistance fighters" swelled to the millions ... to hear them tell it.   Like a tide, the trend of victory and defeat builds its own movement.  So far, while we have faced an enemy on the battlefield, we have failed to properly identify it.  And we have totally failed to identify it in its adherents among us.  You can't defeat something you don't admit exists. 

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