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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Here’s How to Manage Our Politicians

Vik Rubenfeld at Pajamas Media gives us a list of goals that we should establish for our politicians.  The challenge is finding the mechanism for rewarding or punishing them for meeting or failing ot meet these goals.

Effective management begins with the setting of goals. The single most important part of developing such an organization is the specification of the goals of the people. The goals must be long-term and evergreen. This would differentiate the organization from groups that focus on specific legislation.
Potential goals include:
National Security
  • Safety of U.S. citizens at home and abroad
Financial Health of Federal and State Governments:
  • Increasing GDP
  • Decreasing deficit
  • Decreasing debt
Financial Health of the People
  • Increasing average and median income
  • Reducing unemployment
Medical Health
  • Increasing life expectancy
  • Reducing incidence of major diseases
  • Decreasing cost of health care
Upholding the Constitution
  • Per Founders’ intent rather than as a “living document”
Upholding Personal Freedom
  • Reducing taxes
  • Reducing legal regulations and restrictions
Upholding Judeo-Christian Culture
  • Supporting appreciation of the Judeo-Christian Bible
Supporting Capitalism
  • Reducing legal regulations and restrictions on U.S. businesses
  • Increasing financial success of U.S. businesses
  • Reducing cost to taxpayers
  • Increasing test scores
  • Decreasing dropout rates
Smaller Government
  • Reducing number of government employees
  • Reducing state and federal spending

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