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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is our military the new mercenary army for foreign governments?

David Limbaugh says more directly what I was alluding to in this column that relied on a Roger Kimball essay.

As I argued in my most recent column, this is just the foreign policy outworking of Obama's campaign to fundamentally transform America. Notice the common thread. He is using domestic policies to effectuate "economic justice" at home, trying to cut "wealthy" Americans down to size. Now he is using foreign policy to diminish America's role and stature in the international community to cut wealthy, imperialistic America down to size.


In trying to distinguish between the Libyan and Syrian situations, Clinton said the Syrian situation isn't as severe yet. Then she got to the crux of it: "But in Libya, when a leader says 'spare nothing, show no mercy' and calls out air force attacks on his own people, that crosses a line that people in the world had decided they could not tolerate."

As liberal writer William Saletan points out, "the key phrase isn't no mercy or air force. It's they could not tolerate. Not we, but they. We're outsourcing our standards for intervention." But Saletan noted it is "worse than outsourcing." Outsourcing is hiring someone to do your bidding, but in Libya, "we're hiring ourselves out to do what somebody abroad wants." Indeed, one might consider our military the new mercenaries for foreign governments.

To quote Obama:
“. . . it is our military that is being volunteered by others . . .”
There may be other reasons for the U-turn that Obama has taken on Libya since a revolt broke out there, such as: here, here, here, here, here.

But why was the Obama administration busy coordinating with the UN and the Arab League but had no interest in consulting with Congress or in using a Presidential address to get the American people on board?  Our military and our foreign policy are not "ours" any more.  Under Obama, our wealth and the lives of our fighting men are the UN's and the Arab League to command.  If Congress and the American people allow this to stand, the creation of a "one world" government, as Mickey Kaus put it, will have been achieved, with America playing a subservient role.

This is something that the people who are active in the Tea Party can understand.  This is something they can rally around.  Don't be surprised if the next round of anti-war demonstrations are not the usual bunch of Leftist, neo-hippy freaks.  The next crowds in the streets may well be made up of middle class patriots who are not ready to give up America's sovereignty to foreign despots and dictators who make up the UN.   

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LibertyAtStake said...

"...mercenary army for foreign governments?"

Not quite. More Like "...police force for the New World Order." Soros is the mayor and Barry is the police chief.

"Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"