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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Is Obama "Slow" ... as in stupid?

Think back. When did you know, I mean really know, that sanctions were not going to stop Libya’s K. Daffy? A week ago … two weeks ago …. last month ….. even before sanctions were imposed because sanctions never work? Forget whether you think the US ought to get involved in Libya or not, when did you KNOW sanctions were not going to stop K. Daffy?

Well, congratulations you little Mensa candidate. You’re smarter than the President. Because the “administration sources” let it slip that Barack Hussein Obama didn’t know it until Tuesday.

ABC's Jake Tapper does the best he can with the material he has, but nothing disguises this fiasco:

On Tuesday, President Obama became clear that diplomatic efforts to stop the brutality of Libyan dictator Col. Moammar Gadhafi weren’t working.

Presented with intelligence about the push of the Gadhafi regime to the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, the president told his national security team "what we're doing isn't stopping him.”
I’m not sure whether to believe this or not. If it’s spin to make Obama look good it’s a huge fail. We can go back to assuming that Obama was pushed into supporting action to counter the public perception that he was a feckless bystander. If it accurately reflects Obama’s judgment or intelligence it indicates that a serious effort should be made to impeach him as a danger to the Republic on grounds of stupidity.


thisishabitforming said...

I am listening to Barry say that Qaddafi must stop being mean. Somehow I'm not sure that's going to have much affect on a really mean guy.

A guy who is willing to blow up a plane full of innocent people and bomb his own citizens is not going to be dissuaded from keeping power by any means.

A statement by Barry certainly isn't going to have him quaking in his boots. He has most likely already won this fight and we are coming to it just a bit late. Besides do we really know who the opposition is? Are they freedom fighters or just other Quadaffi's?

But I have finally found something positive to say about Obama; just like he can give you that stupid ear to ear grin he can also look really stern, and he does know how to pronounce the names of Arab cities.

Come on 2012.

Anonymous said...

Is Obama stupid? Not at all.

There's an old joke used to explain complexity as defined in computer science. Schlemeil the Painter gets a job painting stripes for a road crew. He goes to work his first day, and at quitting time he comes back to his boss and says, "today I painted 8 miles of stripes!" His boss says to him, "wow, most guys only get 3 miles a day, well, here's your pay."

The next day, Schlemeil reports that he's done 4 miles. The boss says, "that's a lot less, but you're still doing a mile more than most guys."

And the next day, Schlemeil reports that he's done one mile. The boss says, "I don't understand, the first day you did 8, the next day you did 4, and now you can only do one mile? What's the problem?" Schlemeil says, "I'm running as fast as I can, but the paint bucket keeps getting further away!"

The moral of the story is that you can have a very powerful computer, but if you make the problem harder than it really is you can still make it slow to the point of being useless.

And that's really Obama's problem: he's bound by an ideology that is sending him in circles and telling him not to do his job. He's ideologically bound not to lead, but rather to beg the rest of the world for permission not only on what to do but what to think.

Anonymous said...

0bama has absolutely no interest in foreign policy- Japan and Libya, etc, are distractions from golf and arugula

Anonymous said...

I don't think you can make these kinds of assessment from mainstream media reports. They don't have all the inside info their reports are not reliable.

I am no fan of obama's liberal economic policies but I don't accept every knee jerk criticism of him to make political points. It's obama derangement syndrome. Attack him in every way fair or not because he's in the opposing party? It reduces your own credibility not obamas.

Anonymous said...

obama did not tell his people that sanctions aren't working, it is a safe bet they told him that so that he would make a decision.

Anonymous said...

It's so unfair to expect much from a guy who knows the price of arugula but the value of nothing.