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Friday, March 25, 2011

What Would We Do Without the Arab League?

Just in case you wondered who or what the Arab League was, Claudia Rosette reminds us.

... a club of 21 Arab states plus the Palestinian Authority. Among its more moderate members are such countries as Morocco, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates. Among its — shall we say — more troubled and troubling members are Syria, Sudan, Somalia and Saudi Arabia. Founded in 1945, the Arab League has been on balance one of the modern world’s most enduring clubs of despots. Its abiding preoccupation, apart from a lot of internal squabbling, has been blaming the miseries caused by its own despotisms on the sole full-fledged and enduring democracy in the region — which is Israel.
This is who Obama consulted before he started Obama's War, rather than the American people or congress.

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