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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Disaster: Early returns show Islamists on track to win “dominant majority” in Egypt elections

From Hot Air we learn that about 65% of the new Egyptian government will be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and a group (the Salafis) who are even more ultra-Islamofascist than the Brotherhood.

Was this predictable?  Absolutely!  In fact I wrote an essay Hope vs. experience (a play on the joke about second marriages) back in February of this year that said
The problem with the optimism that many are expressing for the revolutions in the Middle East is that, while there are many examples of happy marriages, there are no examples of democratic Islamist regimes. The Middle East was substantially converted to Islam following the dictates and example of Muhammad who'se rule and religion was spread by the sword. This situation has not changed substantially since Mohammad’s death in 632. Before Mohammad the region was ruled by Romans, king and Pharaohs; after him it was ruled by Caliphs. There is no - zero - example of Democracy in the Middle East with the exception of Israel and a very shaky state – Iraq – which was created, nurtured and shaped by the American military following the invasion under George Bush. To repeat, there is no history or political culture of representative government in the Middle East.
Read the whole thing; I'm rather proud of it.

Not only was the result predictable, it was inevitable in the absence of some external force acting on Egypt. The Obama administration’s actions and positions following the first anti-Mubarak rallies in Egypt actually hastened this process. Whether they actually wanted this result is open to question, but that they got what was totally predictable is not.

The next administration is going to have A LOT of cleanup to do.


Joel Raupe said...

This is certainly in the running with the Sovereign Debt Devaluation as The Most Predictable Disaster of the Decade"

LibertyAtStake said...

The positive offsetting this disaster right now is all those mysterious explosions wrecking Tehran's nuke program.

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