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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christians are collateral damage

Richard Fernandez argues that the Nigerian Christians killed in the latest attack are part of the Marxist attack on Western culture. Why does the Pope speak out but the press, after the obligatory article on page 8, move on. A house fire in Connecticut got more and better coverage.

The bombings in Nigeria are not isolated incidents. If they were, perhaps they could be noted and passed over as atrocities that happen in faraway places with strange sounding names. But they are daily occurrences. In America, atheists feel emboldened to act as jerks, not just on the internet, but in public. In Muslim countries, Jews have already left and Christians are planning to leave. Meanwhile the masters of the culture are protecting their allies while demonizing Western culture and Christians and Jews.

Frankly, Western Marxism has entered into an alliance with Islamism everywhere. Under the banner of multiculturalism, under the cover of “hate speech”, under the constant apologia of political correctness, it hopes to use Islam as a battering ram to destroy the last remnants of its domestic opposition. They are in a “united front” with Islam to destroy the Near Enemy.

In this calculus, the Far Friends — if friends they be — count for little. Middle Eastern and African Christians are collateral damage. Not just Christians, one might add, but animists and Buddhists and Hindus, and Jains — you name it — as well.
It makes a good deal of tactical sense from the Marxist viewpoint to regard the “enemy of the enemy is my friend”. But there is no advantage whatsoever among those in the crosshairs of Marxism not to recognize this. The “I am caring” routine just suppresses the gag reaction to the poisoned Kool-Aid. Through this process of speaking on your behalf the caring and concerned they smoothed the way for a Victory Mosque at Manhattan’s Ground Zero; turned an Islamist attack on soldiers at Fort Hood into a “workplace” incident; how they have made it a hate speech crime everywhere to offend certain cultural sensitivities. They did it in the name of being friend to “Christian” and the advocate of caring beliefs.

And while people may have no choice about getting it rammed down their throats by main force they owe it to themselves to recognize it for the scam that it is. Just the latest version of Jim Jones’ magic potion.
It’s an interesting phenomenon that when Christians speak about being persecuted, the Left responds with a “ suuure you are,” (inset eye roll here) relying on the fact that an estimated 75% of Americans profess to be Christians. That may be true, but professing Christians are under-represented in the media, in Hollywood, in academia: places where the broad “culture” is manufactured. Mention a Muslim atrocity and we’re told that the ones who are driving the Copts out of Egypt or plant the bombs in Nigeria are not representative of Muslims in general. Then they bring up Christian Dominionists: the all-purpose boogy-man that’s supposed to be the offset to the Islamic bombers. I don’t know about you but I have been a Christian all my life and I have yet to meet a Christian Dominionist. The term was invented by Leftists like Sara Diamond as a smear term to label Christian Conservatives as dangerous conspirators. If the imaginary Dominionist were the analog of the fanatical Muslims that are killing Christians, there would be a wave of Mosque bombings in the US, and around the world, and Muslims would be afraid to gather in groups. Unfortunately for the Left, the bombs at Mosques are set by other Muslims – you know, the practitioners of the Religion of Peace™.

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thisishabitforming said...

Ah yes,
The religion of peace. Ask any Western newsman, they will tell you.