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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Organ harvesting of political prisoners

This is a chilling tale.  The Chinese government is not only executing political prisoners by the thousands, it is harvesting their organs in an incredible way.  They are shooting them in the chest, and while they are still alive, taking out their organs in medical vans driven to the killing grounds.
Right after the first shots the van door was thrust open and two men with white surgical coats thrown over their uniforms carried a body in, the head and feet still twitching slightly. The young doctor noted that the wound was on the right side of the chest as he had expected. When body #3 was laid down, he went to work.

Male, 40-ish, Han Chinese. While the other retail organs in the van were slated for the profitable foreigner market, the doctor had seen the paperwork indicating this kidney was tissue-matched for transplant into a 50-year-old Chinese man. Without the transplant, that man would die. With it, the same man would rise miraculously from his hospital bed and go on to have a normal life for 25 years or so. By 2016, given all the anti-tissue-rejection drug advances in China, they could theoretically replace the liver, lungs, or heart—maybe buy that man another 10 to 15 years.

Body #3 had no special characteristics save an angry purple line on the neck. The doctor recognized the forensics. Sometimes the police would twist a wire around a prisoner’s throat to prevent him from speaking up in court. The doctor thought it through methodically. Maybe the police didn’t want this prisoner to talk because he had been a deranged killer, a thug, or mentally unstable. After all, the Chinese penal system was a daily sausage grinder, executing hardcore criminals on a massive scale. Yes, the young doctor knew the harvesting was wrong. Whatever crime had been committed, it would be nice if the prisoner’s body were allowed to rest forever. Yet was his surgical task that different from an obstetrician’s? Harvesting was rebirth, harvesting was life, as revolutionary an advance as antibiotics or steroids. Or maybe, he thought, they didn’t want this man to talk because he was a political prisoner.
They call it the Xingjiang Procedure.  Read the whole thing.

Admirers of the Chinese like Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, Jeff Immelt and Barack Obama were not available for comment.   

The MSM averts its eyes and - when those who escaped try to tell their tale - hurry past, mentally preparing the next glowing story about the wonders of China's economic miracle.  Just as they did in the 1920s and 1930s in reports from Europe and Russia.   When reality and the narrative collide, the narrative always wins. 

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ZZMike said...

This isn't new. I read about it a decade or so ago.

I don't know if they still send a bill to the family for the bullet.