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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Raiding the Social Security Trust Fund

The so-call "payroll tax holiday" is really a raid on the Social Security trust fund. 

All of the money from this "tax" is what funds Social Security.  The one-year $120 billion (or two month $33 billion) extension of this reduction of contributions to Social Security will have absolutely no effect on the number one issue facing the American people today: jobs.

To repeat, it failed last year and it will fail this year.  What it is certain to do is bring the collapse of the Social Security system very much closer.  Is this what Obama is aiming for?  The end of Social Security?

Is this what the Democrats are aiming for?  The collapse of Social Security?

Is this what the members of the House and the Senate are aiming for?  No Social Security checks going out because the system has run out of money?

Is the political establishment in Washington DC so reckless and so insane to actually hasten the demise of the Social Security system on which so many people depend?

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