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Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Al-Qaida Plot Distraction Is Too Well-Timed For Obama

Investors Business Daily

War On Terror: The way the White House has hyped a supposedly imminent al-Qaida plot, only one thing has to happen for President Obama to come off as a hero: nothing. It smells fishy.

... There is no denying that saving American lives is a paramount responsibility of the U.S. diplomatic presence abroad, but these unprecedented extended closures may not only be an overreaction; the administration's looky-here disclosure of the Zawahiri communication as rationale for closures and evacuations may also actually help the enemy.

Former CIA officer Mike Baker told Fox News that hyping the intercepted message is "basically just telling al-Qaida how we're onto them," something Obama may have done as "a political calculation," Baker believes, amidst the unpopular fallout of last Sept. 11's Benghazi attack killing our Libyan ambassador and three other American personnel.

John Price, who was U.S. ambassador to several nations in the region with sizable Muslim populations, told Fox how, under Obama's predecessor, "we never went to the media with" information about terrorist threats, and closures of embassies and consulates "at random in Africa don't make any sense to me."

There is no Monica Lewinsky scandal going on in the Obama White House; there are, truth be told, bunglings and corruption that are far worse: IRS election tampering; throwing diplomats to the wolves in a misguided Libyan initiative against an already-defanged Moammar Gadhafi; Justice Department surveillance of journalists; and the growing public realization that ObamaCare is as socialistically intrusive and incompetently designed as it was deceitfully advertised.

A dog-wagging distraction sure would come in handy right about now.

f the terrorists are ready to attack us what's the President Obama doing flying to Los Angeles to appear on a late night comedy show? 

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