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Sunday, August 18, 2013


The Egyptian Main Stream Media – Just like the American version, except its mirror image.

From France 24:

The vast majority of Egypt's media are portraying supporters of ousted president and prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Morsi as terrorists wholly lacking in political legitimacy.

Egyptians were given a broadly one-sided view of the week’s bloody events on their television screens Saturday.

Private TV channel Al-Nahar showed images of the stand-off between supporters of ousted president Mohammed Morsi and security forces at the al-Fath mosque under the banner, “Egypt Fights Terrorism”.

“Why are they letting them out?” asked a Cairo restaurant owner as the TV showed protesters loyal to the deposed Islamist leader being ushered past a mob of angry locals. “The Muslim Brotherhood’s people are now free to cause chaos and smash shops somewhere else.”

The day after the Brotherhood’s call for a “Day of Rage” protest, that saw 173 people killed in clashes with the police and army, most of the country’s newspapers reported events as a battle against the “terrorist” Islamist movement.

“Most Egyptian journalists feel that they have to take a side,” said Ehab el-Zelaky, head of digital media at privately-owned daily newspaper Al-Masry al-Youm.

“Journalists here would under any other circumstance try to be balanced, to tell both sides of the story. But considering what is happening to this country, many of them see it as their duty to support the state in its war against the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Apparently the military leadership has learned something from America’s MSM: first, get good press.  Once that’s done you can do whatever you want.

 As I was reading the article I was struck by the similarity between Egypt’s media and our own.  As a thought experiment, imagine if you will that enraged Mormons and their allies were rampaging through America’s cities because the last election was stolen from Mitt Romney.  Never happen, you say? 

Work with me a moment and assume that everything that was said about Mormons, Christians and “people of pallor” by MSNBC  is true.  Remember how the Tea Party (a more Norman Rockwell slice of Americana is impossible to imagine) were portrayed as a mob of racist, redneck, gun-toting fascists?   Did I mention racist?  Once you demonize a group, hurting  them is much easier.  Why do you think it was so easy for the people in the IRS to harass and obstruct any organization with Tea Party in its name?   

But back to our story.  Mormons are massing, marching and mobilizing.  The army gets out its armored personnel carriers and tear gas and bullets are flying; hundreds, perhaps thousands are killed.  How do you think it would be reported by NBC?  By CBS, ABC, NPR?  Would reporters travel to the “protest” leaders and ask why they are so angry?  Don’t be silly.  We know this script.  We know who the bad guys are.  Instead, we would have commentators and editorial writers demanding an even more vigorous crackdown.  There would be serious talk about doing away with both the First and Second amendments.  Paul Krugman would explain why religion always leads to deficits and hell, and Thomas Friedman would explain how much better off China is because it’s way ahead of America in the suppression of religion.  Ezra Klein will explain that religion is bad because it’s over 100 years old … or even older. 

Editorials would warn that “America has too long allowed ministers and priests to preach without government permission.”  MSNBC would demand internment camps and the use of drones on churches and temples.    Rodeo clowns would be beaten to death.  Obama masks would be outlawed.

I made up the part about the Obama masks; they are already illegal … I think.  But the reaction of the MSM in the US is totally predictable.  Just as their reaction to rampages to Leftist is always the same: airbrushed, and shown in the most favorable light.  Need evidence?  Just read the treatment that OWS got before it blew itself up and thus disappeared from the MSM radar screen. 

But note this irony.  The American MSM and the Egyptian MSM are reporting on the same events from two diametrically opposed viewpoints.  There may be hope for Egypt.  Some of Morsi's supporters are cancelling ralliesThere’s a lesson here; a “teachable moment.”  I hope Rush Limbaugh explores it next week.     


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