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Monday, August 12, 2013


Huge ‘We are all Trayvon’ mural showcased in Florida State Capitol

This is the face of Liberalism.
The face of hate.
The face of lies and deceit.
The face of racism.

The new KKK.

Photo from Peace Mural Foundation

Painted by Miami artist Huong, pictured above, the mural depicts a standing and uninjured George Zimmerman firing at a hooded figure whose face is replaced by a mirror. It also features a bleeding Martin Luther King Jr. and the phrase “we are all Trayvon” written in several different languages.

Keep in mind that the KKK was the creation of the Democrats.   She, and the people she represents want to demonize their opponents so that when it comes time to destroy them the mob will looking for blood be with them and everyone else will look the other way, believing they had it coming.  This is how these vicious haters operate: demonize, isolate and kill. 

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