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Thursday, August 15, 2013


No Accounting for Government

It appears that the government has not increased the debt by even one penny for s full month despite running through $98 billion in new spending (and that doesn't include the millions spent on the Obama vacation).

Bud Norman:
This is hard to account for, as one would expect that a debt to go up or down by at least some miniscule amount over the course of 31 days, and in the case of a government that ran a $98 billion deficit during the same period of time it would be expected to go up by approximately $98 billion, but government accountants seem to have a knack for hard accounting. Their efforts have somehow kept the debt stuck just $25 million below the legal debt limit, conveniently preventing the government from being in violation of its own laws, and that is rather precise work. After all, $25 million is a just a tick or two on the national debt clock, a relatively piddling sum that the president can blow through in just a few vacation days, so they’re cutting it awfully close.

If Jack Lew at the Treasury can keep the debt precisely $25 million below the legal limit for a month, perhaps he can do it forever and solve the spending problem without getting either Obama or Congress involved.


they did this by stealing my retirement fund and that of soldiers and civilian govt workers, who pay in to the fund by the way. left us a big fat iou, just like when they raid social security.
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