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Thursday, August 15, 2013


Morning Sex!

After seeing an explicit sex scene while watching Good Morning America, a mom decided to use her talent for publicity to do something about it.

It all started last week as Rebeca Seitz of Naples, Florida, was enjoying some morning television. As commercials began to air, she could hardly believe her eyes. While she was watching “Good Morning America,” an advertisement for the ABC show “Betrayal” came on, featuring a male and female in the midst of a steamy sex scene. The commercial for the show was apparently graphic, exposing her 8-year-old son to extremely unpalatable content.

Christians, she says too often approach the dominant culture with an apology on their lips. That's a mistake.
“Another big thing that happened with me, because I work mainly with mainstream, I have started sliding into what I think a lot of us are in. We approach everything from apology … I’m not there anymore,” she said. “Look, I’m not issuing any judgement on you for not sharing my faith, but how about you stop issuing judgement on me for having faith.”
Sexual deviants (thanks for Stacy McCain who does a number on them) don't apologize when they work tirelessly and openly to make their particular perversions mainstream. It works for them, it works for Christians. She received an apology from her local ABC affiliate, WZVN-TV who explained that they were not responsible, that the ad came from the national ABC feed. See how that works?

And no, turning off the TV set is not the real answer, just as turning your head away or scurrying home when someone is being mugged is not the answer to crime.  That's because there is really no escaping the culture.  If the culture is being shaped and we refuse to participate in that shaping, others will do it for us and, as we can see, we're not really happy with the results.  Even those who had the most to do with that shaping aren't happy.  Being transgressive isn't fun anymore when your particular moral perversion is the norm.  It's had to be on the edge when the edge moves far ahead of you.

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