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Monday, August 19, 2013


Roger Chesley is Right!

Roger Chesley (semi-retired columnist for the Virginian Pilot) has called voter ID laws "stupid."  And he may be right.  Here are the eligibility requirements for voting in Virginia.

That's it!
Nothing in that list says that you have to be:
Oh, and that part about being 18 to be old enough to vote is simply age discrimination.  Virginia is a horribly discriminatory state and if you don't believe it: LOVING!  (It's the one-word answer to everything discriminatory).   Time to come out of the dark ages to the new, enlightened times where people can be anything they want so be.  Born with male genitals but feel female?  In more progressive states you can use the women's bathrooms.  But no, not in Virginia!   If you can be a woman in a man's body who says you can't be an adult in a teen's body?  Feel strongly about being at least 18?  Well, Roger Chesley will be there for you and stop this horrible age slavery that Virginia has foisted upon you.  Freeeeeeeedom!


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