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Thursday, August 22, 2013


It’s not possible to get the MSM to report honestly on black-on-white crime.

Remember the Zimmerman trial? You know, the one where the media convicted George Zimmerman, whose race was the hitherto unknown “white-Hispanic,” with murdering the angelic Trayvon Martin, the little boy who never had his picture taken from age 13 through 17? According to the press, Whites (and white-Hispanics) were gunning down little black children right, left and center in an orgy of violence and getting away with it. It was an epidemic, a race war, the way things typically happened, an example of White Privilege.
In the actual court, the truth was allowed to peek out from under the covers and Zimmerman was acquitted and freed. Perhaps the fact that he was in danger of being beaten to death by the angelic Trayvon had something to do with it.
Turn with me now to the gang initiation of some Black teens and a wanna-be white gang banger who decide it would be great fun, and relieve the boredom of summer to kill a young white man out jogging. The MSM have observed their usual rules and either left out the racial identifications or ignored the story altogether. When I first heard of the murder and found the racial identification of the killers absent, I rather suspected why. You can win a lot of bets if you wager that if a politician is caught in wrongdoing and his party is not mentioned near the beginning of the story he’s a Democrat and if criminal’s race is not mentioned, he’s Black. I’m fairly confident that if it’s not part of the MSM’s stylebook, it’s so ingrained in that culture that it’s not neccessary.

Bud Norman on A murder in Oklahoma.  He notes that DRUDGE is not at all shy about pointing out black-on-white crime and black-on-black crime, another reason he's hated by the MSM.

Chris Lane shooting was 'gang initiation'...

'Chilling' 911 call...

HS of charged teens receives threats...

White House spokesman 'not familiar with' shocking Okla murder...

This reaction was quite predictable in the wake of months of relentless coverage of the trial of George Zimmerman for shooting Tryon Martin in far away in Florida, which was widely portrayed in the media and by prominent politicians as a typical case of a racist white man gunning down an unarmed black teenager in murderous America with its insanely permissive gun laws. That trial ended with an acquittal after evidence clearly demonstrated Zimmerman, who is mostly Hispanic and a former Bema supporter, was being severely beaten by Martin, who turned out to be something less than the angelic child in the years-old photographs that routinely accompanied the stories, and since then press critics have been waiting for the chance to see how the press might cover a story with less promising racial implications. They might have expected that they would see the story of an law-abiding man being killed at random by people flouting the guns laws as further proof that more laws are needed for the law-abiding to abide by, just as they had seen the case of a law-abiding man protecting himself from a potentially deadly assault as proof that more guns laws are needed for the law-abiding to abide by, but Lane’s death still provides an irresistible opportunity to expose the hypocrisy.

Those critics have a point, given that black-on-white violence is eight times more common than white-on-black violence yet receives far less attention from the media, and in the case of Lane’s tragic death there are early indications that race might have played a deadly role. The first thing a reporter in the modern age does when reporting on a crime is to check the social media postings of the suspects, and in this case they reveal two young men steeped in the violent ghetto sub-culture with an unabashed hatred of white people. Both of the suspects had posted pictures of themselves in gang paraphernalia and flashing gang signs as well as various firearms, and one “tweeted” a claim that “90% of white people are nasty” and a boast that he had “knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerrman court!” For those unfamiliar with the latest slang, “knocced” is a spelling of “knocked” that employs a popular signature of the Crips street gang, and “woods” is an abbreviation of “peckerwoods,” a racial slur against white people. The reference to “Zimmerman court” should be self-explanatory.

Some good might come of this if the story forces a frank acknowledgement of the violent sub-culture that has affected far too many young black men and women, and mitigates some of the hysteria that shows up in the “tweets” of accused murderers in the wake of the relentless hyping of the Zimmerman trial. If the story reminds America that the last notable murder of an Australian occurred during the Crown Heights riots in Brooklyn, when the eminently respectable Rev. Al Sharpton whipped the mob into such a frenzy that Yeshiva student Yankel Rosenbaum was stabbed by a man who would later be acquitted by a sympathetic jury, all the better. It will be of little comfort, however, to those who knew and loved Christopher Lane. Whatever the facts of his tragic death, we can only hope that there will be some measure of justice to comfort his loved ones.

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Are you surprised?
This is all you can expect from the pandering whore quislings of state propaganda.
This is the shit I heard them spewing yesterday on MSNBC's Morning Joe.
During a debate about NSA and Fedgov spying, between Joy-Ann Reid(MSNBC on-air pundit) and Nicolle Wallace(former communications director for President GW Bush and McCain Presidential campaign staffer).
Nicolle Wallace(sic): "It was part of the effort to keep some of our methods secret. because once they're in "the New York Times," they're not as helpful or useful. Which is why I think President Obama has done the Lord's work in improving and enhancing vastly, vastly augments the surveillance state in which we live. and I applaud it. I think that's one of the things he's done that's kept us safer."
Of course, the other traitorous whores on set with her pretended they heard not a peep.
Make no mistake, I am not a naive cherry whose world view was imploded. I was simply shocked at the level of NW's unconscious arrogance to let fly with that statementwit, hout hesitation or reservation.
I guess it's worth the effort to monitor enemy com's.
War it is then.

Video link:http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3036789/#52808182
Clip title: "Why Ted Cruz can't win the fight defunding Obamacare."
Closed caption and text transcript options features are available with the clip.
Nicole Wallace's traitorous/domestic enemy shit about "Obama doing the Lord's work" can be heard at the 16:59 mark.

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