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Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Suddenly: "...everybody is a talking head and opinion journalist"

Commenting on the sale of the Washington Post and the embarressment of the NY Times, Micael Walsh comments:
In the end, everybody — including the journalists who will have to look for new employment as the legacy media continue to shed readers and jobs — will benefit from the new order. The irony is that many mainstream journalists spent the better parts of their careers striving to become opinion journalists and talking heads instead of grubby reporters, and all of a sudden they find themselves in a democratized world in which everybody is a talking head and opinion journalist. Making the adjustment will take true grit, a quality not much in evidence latterly among the late-empire media poetasters. But dislocation does have a wonderful way of focusing the mind.

Go ahead and strive to become an opinion writer, but thanks to the internet, there are now millions of them and the MSM's opinion writers are worse than most of the amateurs. We could use some good reproters, and there are actually a few good ones around, like James O'Keefe, going where the MSM dare not go.

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