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Friday, September 06, 2013


The Left's Dominos

Among the top reasons for enforcing Obama's ... uhh ... the world's red line against Syria are the horrible chain of events that will follow if we don't.  If we don't bomb Syria, so the theory goes, then Assad will win.  Then Assad's ally, Iran, will have won, giving them a green light to build a nuclear bomb, using it to strike Israel.  Russia will have a new foothold in the Middle East and before you can say "let me be clear"  we're back to the Cold War with the US and Russia facing each other without a misspelled "Reset" button to push.  And this chain of events assumes that Assad is the one who actually used nerve gas, a claim that is losing credibility even as Team Obama raises the stakes.
Does this begin to sound vaguely familiar?  Because to me it suddenly brought a flashback to the old domino theory that the Liberals ridiculed when it was one of the key reasons for intervention in Viet Nam. 
I sure wish Obama had been elected instead of that warmonger Romney who was accused by Joe Biden of wanting to attack Syria.  Then we wouldn't be in this mess. 

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