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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Obama, the over-anxious suitor, is spurned ... by a guy in a dress.

Just a few days ago the American press corps, otherwise known as the "Obama Chorus," was giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls about the much anticipated handshake between Obama and the new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.  This was stage managed to be a "chance" meeting in a UN hallway leading to a full-blown romance between Obama as the Romeo who would sweep Rouhani off his slippers.

Instead, Obama was brushed off like one of the Wannabees in "Mean Girls." 

I don't know what's more humiliating, being stood up by Iran's president telling you that He's Just Not That Into You , or being a resident of a country whose President is stood up like the guy who can't get a date.

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