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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


No AR-15? No “high capacity magazine?” Aaron Alexis destroys gun grabber claims.

The wheels came off the gun grabber narrative yesterday. The mass murderer at the Navy Yard was widely reported to have all the accoutrements. AR-15 rifle (which of course comes with a high capacity magazine)? Check. Automatic pistol? Check.

The narrative virtually demands that mass murderers wield a semi-automatic rifle with a large capacity magazine. But it turns out that Aaron Alexis came armed with a shotgun. The pistol was taken from policeman he shot. So all the bugaboos of the gun control nuts were missing. Shotguns don’t come with “high capacity” magazines; most hold 5 shells, max.

So what does that do to the narrative that the way to end mass shooting is to ban rifles that look like the AR-15 and limit magazine capacity?  If there was ever a “teachable moment” that demonstrates that the problem resides with the killer, not with the weapon, the shooting spree at the Washington Navy Yard by Aaron Alexis demonstrates this with brutal and deadly accuracy.

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