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Saturday, September 14, 2013


No Hate? -- Bombshell Book: Matthew Shepard Tortured, Murdered by Gay Lover

Well, that puts a different light on one of gaydom's holiest martyrs.

Even before Shepard died, two of his friends were peddling the narrative that he died at the hands of vicious homophobes. Within days the gay establishment latched onto what would drive the hate crimes story for years to come; even now, the Laramie Project, a stage play about the killing is performed all over the country. Indeed, it will be performed next week at Ford’s Theater in Washington DC.

But what really happened to Matthew Shepard?

He was beaten, tortured, and killed by one or both of the men now serving life sentences. But it turns out, according to Jiminez, that Shepard was a meth dealer himself and he was friends and sex partners with the man who led in his killing. Indeed, his killer may have killed him because Shepard allegedly came into possession of a large amount of methamphetamine and refused to give it up.

The book also shows that Shepard’s killer was on a five-day meth binge at the time of the killing.

So much of what we think we know, or have been told about events that are the building blocks of the Liberal agenda are lies. It didn't start with Tawana Brawley.  It's practically a daily feature of life.  The rape hoaxes, the race hoaxes, the global warming hoaxes are all exploited to advance a cause. They are eagerly sought, seized and wielded as weapons in the culture war.  Like the shootings at Aurora and Newtown were used to prey on people's natural compassion to advance an agenda that is profoundly anti-democratic and anti-freedom.  And since the people who write the "instant history" that is the news are also very deeply committed to the Liberal causes, you can be sure that there will be little skepticism when people like Matthew Shepard are shaped and molded into things that they are not.  Academia reinforces and puts its imprimatur on these fables by turning out "learned papers" on why straight white males look for the opportunity to kill gay men.  And of course no morality play would be complete without Hollywood chiming in.   

The agenda of the sexual left lives on lies. As we all know now, the back-story that brought us Roe v. Wade was a lie. And here we find the Matthew Shepard story was also a lie.

At this point we only have a book that turns the Matthew Shepard story upside down. But we have been the victims of enough hoaxes, and there are many people who have profited from selling these hoaxes, that this book needs to be examined and its claims evaluated.

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