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Saturday, September 28, 2013


The Washington Post Warns Republicans About the Tea Party.

In a news analysis article headlined Obamacare fight reenergizes tea party movement
we find this piece of advice from one of the Democrat Party's leading organs: the Washington Post:
But the tea party’s renewed presence also poses serious political risks for Republicans, undermining efforts to broaden the party’s appeal. The movement itself could be blamed for contributing to Washington’s dysfunction if it helps set in motion a government shutdown next week or, later in October, a national credit default.
Well, you can bet that no matter how this fight turns out, the Washington Post will blame the Tea Party. That's a sure bet. Here's another sure bet: Words you will never see in a Washington Post article:
"But the extreme rhetoric coming from Democrats, calling Republicans terrorists, jihadist and suicide bombers poses serious political risks for Democrats, undermining efforts to broaden the party’s appeal."
That's because the WaPo is written by Democrat operative with bylines. 

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