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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


The Racism of Dr. Seuss

Just thought you'd like to know.


Did the person who wrote the article miss a few history classes?Hitler was a corporal in WWI,not the leader of Germany.We hadn't 'just come off of WWI' when WWII happened,there was a more than 20 year gap.There were also cartoons depicting Germans and their other allies as less than stellar personalities,too.Just as the Japanese,Italian,and German governments satirized their enemies.It strikes me that the writer of the article is just looking for something to be offended by.There is enough from the WWII period to offend everyone from every country involved.If there was more of a tendency to satirize the Japanese nation,it must be remembered in the context that only Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
Chester, the point that the author is making is that "Dr. Seuss" was part of the American propaganda machine in WW2 that made racist images of Japanese. Modern American Leftists are fond of using modern sensitivities and applying them to people of a previous time. Dr. Suess was a racist creating racist images. Live with it.
Absolutely right,but couldn't the scholar writing the article pay a little more attention to actual history?The vagueness of their grasp of real history is a little odd.History is,in part,when things happen,and we have to live with that,too.
Anon: are you excusing the racism of Dr. Seuss? If so, why ? Does your exoneration cover the racism of everyone who's being pilloried for what happened in the south during segregation? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but do you understand the implications of your position?
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