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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ferguson in Perspective: Jason Riley Tells Hard Truths

I do not doubt that racial prejudice still exists, but it does not constitute a serious obstacle to African-American advancement. The most grievous problems that African-Americans face today have little or nothing to do with the conduct of ordinary white people. Of course, they may well have something to do with white conduct in the past, which has a lingering effect. But nothing can be done about that. Long before they encountered George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown were on the downward path. Given their taste for dope, their instinct for defiance, and their predilection for violence, they were both likely to end up as killers or as killed.

Another march, another demonstration, is not going to fix the problem that much of the Black population faces.   Maybe the newer generation is sorry that it missed out on the civil rights struggle of the 1960s.  They want to pretend that whitey is the problem.  It's time for Blacks to take a "selfie" and get real.  This is you, committing cultural suicide.

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