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Saturday, August 09, 2014

Securing the Obama Legacy

Walter Isaacson is concerned about Obama’s legacy. Writing in TIME, Obama Can Still Secure His Legacy, Isaacson urges Obama on to even greater heights.

Lauding him for his accomplishments so far:
President Obama has scored two monumental achievements: helping to restore the financial system after the 2008 collapse and making it possible for every American to get health care coverage …
He urges Obama finish out his term and rescue these “triumphs” with a burst of political rhetoric designed to save ObamaCare from being emasculated by that rascally Supreme Court and the halt the rise of income inequality.

Isaacson is the pluperfect illustration of the Limbaugh Theorem: nothing that happened during the Obama administration is his fault because he’s not in charge, except when he is. Isaacson gives him credit for “restoring the financial system” but rising income inequality is not his fault. And exactly how has Obama restored the financial system? The stimulus that did not provide the “shovel ready jobs” that we were promised? Quick, what else did Obama do to restore the financial system? Take over General Motors to keep it from bankruptcy? Oh, wait, GM did go bankrupt and the shareholders were wiped out.  Remember that billion dollar stimulus bill that was supposed to kick-start the economy by creating jobs by building schools and repairing roads and bridges?  This (see chart below) is what really happened. You may well ask where the money went.  It went to groups and people that supported Obama.

Isaacson gives Obama credit for “… making it possible for every American to get health care coverage…” Calling ObamaCare a success requires you to lie or have a kind of moral and political blindness that can only be found in the Salons of the power brokers on the Left. Ignoring the fact that Obama lied – repeatedly - about being able to keep your doctor and your plan, the rollout was an unmitigated disaster, many lost the coverage – and doctor - they liked and wanted, and 30 million people don’t have coverage. And this brilliant triumph is so bad that Obama postponed much of  its implementation until after this fall’s election.

Do you want to know what causes income inequality? It’s not having a job. It’s exiting the job market and living on welfare. And under Obama the Benevolent tens of millions have joined the jobless and exited the Middle Class.

You want to know what else causes income inequality? It’s making the cost of college unaffordable for millions of our young people graduating from high school. It's forcing students to go into debt.  It’s mal-educating those who go to college with courses that don’t prepare them for life after college. It’s allowing people to obtain degrees with “studies” courses that teach them to hate. To hate people with different skin colors, to hate people who don’t think the way their professors do, to hate the country they grew up in and hate the people that made this country great.

You want to know what else causes income inequality? It’s telling people that the careers they ought to be pursuing are in government or in the “helping” professions instead of in the “making” business. It’s the false notion that being a teacher is nobler than building a new car, building a home, starting a plumbing business or designing a new way of communicating.

But back to Isaacson and his hope for Obama’s legacy. He’s urging him to begin a crusade of “moral clarity and patriotic resonance: that every kid in the country deserves a decent shot.”

I’m not kidding; this is the plan. Where are the forces arrayed against every kid getting a decent shot? Who’s standing in the way of kids getting a decent shot? What does this mean as a policy?

Universal preschool, so that no child starts off behind. Quality after school activities and summer internships. Apprentice programs like the bill proposed by Senators Cory Booker and Tim Scott. What also could be included is a public-private effort to create a service year program so that every kid after high school or college has the opportunity to spend a year serving their country in a military or domestic corps.

Isaacson never really ponders if universal pre-school will make kids equal. Just what are those “quality” after school activities and internships? Combined with that “service year” program it looks as if your kids will be run by Big Brother from the day they begin to toddle. It’s the Life Of Julia for everyone. 

That’s Walter Isaacson’s hope for Obama’s legacy and the future of America.  Liberal Fascism.

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