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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Juan Williams enlists in the war on white people.

Liberal commentator Juan Williams touched off a firestorm on “Fox News Sunday” by suggesting racism drives the “white, older group of people” that support President Obama’s impeachment, with Heritage Action head Michael Needham accusing him of “demonizing good people.”

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thisishabitforming said...

As an older white person, one of those demonized by our friend Juan Williams, I absolutely am in favor of Obama's impeachment. This might be news to our Black friend Juan, but it has nothing to do with skin color and everything to do with his committing impeachable offenses. Since Juan seems to be thinking with his skin color instead of his logic, I guess I am just one more old white person who hates Obama because he's Black and not because he's lawless. The sad thing is I used to think that Juan was a reasonable liberal, but he's just another Obama apologist shill who uses the disgusting and destructive tactic of race baiting to make his case. Juan is just one more reason I have pretty much sworn off FOX News and turned almost exclusively to the internet where I can chose how much I want to be insulted.